The email client that is built into iOS is functional enough, but if you receive a large volume of email, have multiple email accounts or make use of the unified inbox, things can quickly get out of hand and difficult to manage. This is something that the free app eMailGanizer has been designed to help with, making it easier than ever to sort and organize your mail in a way that works for you.

eMailGanizer can be used to send and receive emails, but its real power comes in the level of organization that is afforded you. In a few quick and easy steps you can file messages using folders, delete or archive messages you do not need - all this and more can be done on a message by message basis, or in batches. As you sort messages, eMailGanizer learns how your personal filing system works and can therefore make intelligent suggestions in future.

The ability to sort and search emails is handy, but the app also integrates with the likes of the iOS calendar as well as apps such as Toodledo, Firetask, Things and more so you can create tasks, events and attachments without the need to switch between apps.

There is also a Pro version of the app available, but the only differences between the two are that the Pro version does not feature the advertising found in the free version and this in turn means that there is more screen space available for a large message preview and the display of more email folders.

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Providing you are working with an IMAP account, eMailGanizer is an indispensible tool which you should download immediately.