Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana is now available as an app for iOS and Android.

The core functionality is much like similar products. You're able to ask natural language questions (or type), run web searches, set reminders and alarms, place calls to your contacts, dictate SMS/ texts, and more.

This works well with location, so for example you can have Cortana remind you to pick up some Christmas cards when you're next at the store.

The major features work just as they do on Windows Phone and Windows 10, so if you've used Cortana already you'll know what to expect.

What you don't get - because Cortana doesn't have the control over the system that it gets on a Windows computer - are more low-level features, like opening apps, toggling settings, or launching Cortana hands-free with "Hey, Cortana".

What's new in 2.5.0?

- We improved the user experience so Reminders are easier for you to create and manage. 
- Fixed internet connection issue for iOS 9 devices 

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A capable digital assistant, although not with quite as much functionality as the Windows version.