CookieSpy is a simple and free cookies viewer.

Launch the program and it displays tabs for any supported browsers it finds: Internet Explorer, Firebox, Chrome, Chrome Canary, Chromium, Safari, Opera, Maxthon, Maxthon Nitro (MxNitro), Pale Moon and SeaMonkey. And if you click the "+" tab then you can also manually point the program at the location of several portable browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera).

Whatever the browser, the view is the same. You'll get to see the full list of cookies, and for each one CookieSpy will display the domain which set the cookie and any path; the cookie's name and value; and assorted extra data (whether it's secure or not, HTTP only, and when the cookie expires).

This could be a lengthy list, of course, so you're able to organise it by clicking any column header to sort by that attribute (you might place the domain names in alphabetical order, say). And there's also a Find tool to help you locate a particular cookie (or set of cookies) at speed.

Mostly, though, CookieSpy is a passive tool, reporting on your existing cookies rather than doing anything about them. So you can't set it to, say, automatically delete all your cookies in every browser when it loads (or at any other time).

If you just want to delete everything, though, that isn't difficult to do manually. Click in a tab, press Ctrl+A to select all the cookies, press Del and they'll all be wiped - it only takes a moment.

Version 6.0:
    - Added support of Maxthon Nitro (MxNitro) web browser.
    - Various bug fixes. 

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CookieSpy is a little short on features - it doesn't actually do very much. Browser support is good, though, so if you need to see all your cookies in one place then it may be useful.