When online, there are a huge number of sites that offer files for download, be it software, images, PDFs or other types of file. Ordinarily, the only option presented is to save a file to your hard drive, but by installing the Cloud Save extension for Google Chrome, you can add the ability to save files to a range of online storage services.

The current version of the extension includes support for a wide range of cloud services including Dropbox, Google Docs and Box.net. It should be noted that Google Docs support means that only certain files can be uploaded easily – if you would like to be able to upload any type of file to Google Docs, you will need to have an enterprise Google Apps account.

To save a file, simply right click on a page element or link and use the context menu to select the cloud service you would like to upload to. This simple two click process is incredibly quick and with automatically save the selected file with the filename it has been assigned. If you would like to rename the file before uploading, simply select the Save As option.

Cloud Save is an incredibly useful add-on for Chrome, helping to cut out one step that would usually be involved in downloading a file from a web site and then uploading it to your desired web site. It may not be an extension that gets used every day, but when you do turn to it, you will really appreciate its value.

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A quick and easy way to upload files to a number of cloud services without the need to download first.