Google's web browser, Chrome, was a welcome new-comer to the web browser market, competing with the likes of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. The browser prides itself on speed and has generally be given a warm reception. ChromePlus builds on the power and speed of Chrome, adding a range of new features to enhance the browser even further.

The 'super drag' feature makes it easy to search for words and phrases online - just highlight a portion of text and drag it to a new location on the page. Whichever search engine you have configured to be your default will be used to search for the selected term, not only helping to save time, but avoiding the risk of spelling mistakes. Mouse gestures have been available in some programs for a while and they can be used in ChromePlus. Just like keyboard shortcuts, these are great time savers - rather than scrabbling for a toolbar button, use a mouse gesture to move back a page.

There are some web pages which will only display correctly in Internet Explorer, but this need not mean that Microsoft\'s web browser has to be used. The IE tab feature of ChromePlus makes it possible to launch Internet Explorer as a tab within the browser rather than having to launch it separately. This is an impressive web browser which all internet users should take for a test drive.

The latest v1.6.4 brings these new features/fixes:

-The new install and uninstall application.
-Bug fixed: Black flash when rightclick a link and select to open with new IE tab.
-Bug fixed: Improve the way of adding IE list, and make it compatible with the older version.
-Bug fixed: Change the Restore Closed Tabs button on toolbar, and improve its feature.
-New feature:You can make some configration by command line parmeters in Options, and modify the specification of some mouse gestures.

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The web browser market is becoming increasingly competitive, and ChromePlus is a new contender that is well worth checking out