BrowserAddonsView is a portable tool which detects and lists the browser addons installed in your system.

The program supports Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, and detects and scans multiple user profiles where available (you can open a specific profile folder if this isn't detected automatically).

For every addon, BrowserAddonsView displays an item ID, status (enabled/ disabled), browser, addon type (extension, plugin, browser helper, ActiveX, more), name, version, description, title and creator.

This is a reporting tool only, with no management options. You could use the program as a quick way to remind you where you installed that copy of Ghostery, for instance, but you don't get any way to disable or otherwise tweak it.

BrowserAddonsView could still be useful as a way to record the state of the browsers on your system, though, maybe compare installations of Chrome to try and figure out why they're behaving differently.

Version 1.15:

- Added 'Quick Filter' feature (View -> Use Quick Filter or Ctrl+Q). When it's turned on, you can type a string in the text-box added under the toolbar and BrowserAddonsView will instantly filter the addons table, showing only items that contain the string you typed.

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BrowserAddonsView's lack of management tools means it'll have limited usefulness for most people, but if you just need a quick overview of installed extensions then it does the job.