The world of Mac software is one that is always expanding and no matter what type of tool you are looking for, there is a high chance that it exists. iPhone users have become used to the idea of using the App Store to track down the latest and greatest software for their phones, and Bodega brings the same idea to the Mac desktop.

You can search for program based on name or purpose or you can browse through numerous categories to find something you may be interested in. Just like the App Store, key programs are highlighted in the Shopkeeper's Picks section, while the Top Free and Top Paid section give an indication of what has proved popular with other users.

Before committing to downloading and installing a particular title, it can help to read through some of the user reviews and ratings to find out if it is going to suit your needs. Free programs can be downloaded and installed in just a few mouse clicks, but should you want to purchase a paid for program, clicking the Buy Now button will transport you directly to the manufacturer's online store so there's no need to hunt around the web site.

Any applications you do purchase are likely to require serial numbers or registration codes, and Bodega can keep a record of these for future reference. As an added bonus, the program will automatically check for available updates for the software you have installed to save you from having to do so manually.

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Whether you're looking for a particular program or trying to track down a certain type of tool, Bodega can help you to find what you’re looking for with a great looking interface and plenty of extra features.