Bit Che is a free PC program which makes it easy to run searches on 50+ torrent sites in a single operation.

It works essentially just as you'd expect. Type a term in a search box, press Enter, and the program opens multiple connections to its various sites. Results are displayed almost immediately, and updated as they come in. Double-clicking anything of interest tells you more - including previewing details like the contents of any archives - and you can open the torrent (including via magnet links) with a click.

This all works very quickly, and filtering of duplicate torrents - plus custom filtering by file size and keywords - means you get high quality results.

There are various useful configuration options. You can choose to open searches in new tabs, for instance, and select your preferred double-click and right-click actions.

Perhaps best of all, the individual site searches are based around customised scripts, which means it's easy to add new sites - or react to changes in existing sites - without breaking the rest of the program. (Although novice users don't have to worry about that, as there's no sign of any scripts unless you go looking.)

This build of Bit Che is entirely free, but a Plus Edition adds a few extras - Search Tabs, Filter Search List 'As You Type', Media Type searching, Morning Coffee type extension (auto search based on weekday) - and is yours for a donation of $10 or more.

Change Log (since 3.0 build 10):
new: Script Groups for better organization, requires Plus (thanks ID101)
new: login#= for custom login URL when using a Mirror (available if Site requires a custom URL not related to @Home)
new: Script Mirror Checker (via protected menu, open and close Debugger, and requires Plus) (thanks Bovski)
new: simple http file type detection for basic support for fetching non-torrent files  (thanks Bovski)
improved: proper support for Synology NAS (thanks joecodino and jcpamart)
improved: Unicode searches supported (not for Wine though)
improved: better Unicode support for GUI
improved: Unicode script files supported (UTF-16 only, thanks CuF)
improved: shows script errror status on script list (thanks Bovski)
improved: search tab size auto adjusts to content (thanks FantomX)
improved: better status messages for saving/processing torrents
improved: better proxy support (thanks Bovski)
improved: better URL handling for Home/Profile (thanks CuF)
improved: adjusted UI width for search history (thanks AnthonyB)
improved: moved 'Update Scripts' under 'Script Pack' menu

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A fast, reliable and configurable torrent search tool.