One of the beauties of the iPhone and iPad are the ease at which you can grab headlines and the latest news from a wide variety of sources. Of course, one the UK's most renowned news websites is the BBC's, but until now you've had to access it through the Safari browser, which involves all sorts of shenanigans.

Now, after a last-minute postponement while the app was referred to the BBC Trust, the BBC has finally released this, the first in a trilogy of new apps (look out for BBC iPlayer and a dedicated BBC Sports app soon). The app takes the latest headlines from the BBC News site, dividing them into categories such as UK News, Business, Entertainment and Technology - basically the same sections as found on the main site.

By default, only the first four sections - Top Stories, UK, World and Sport - are given greater prominence, with the last three headlines clearly visible in photo thumbnail format: either tap one to access the same story as found as on the BBC News website (complete with button for sharing via email, Twitter or Facebook), or swish with the finger to reveal another three - up to nine in total. Other sections require an additional tap before they reveal their contents, although the Edit button enables you to choose exactly which sections get greater prominence.

UK users should also be able to watch the BBC News Channel on their iPod, iPhone or iPad by clicking the Live button at the top of the screen - in our test, however, this didn't work, despite being based in the East of England!

The app is easier to use than accessing the main BBC News site in Safari, but you're limited in terms of available content - the nine latest headlines in each category, which makes it more suited for a quick check of the latest headlines than in-depth analysis of the past day or week's news.

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Slickly presented, works well, but falls down on only showing the latest headlines, so don't ditch your bookmark to the main BBC News site just yet.