Parents have always been concerned about how the internet may be used by their children, and with the advent of mobile devices such the iPhone and iPad, it has become harder than ever to keep track of what activities are being carried out online.

AVG Family Safety is a free iOS web browser that makes use of an ever-growing database on the AVG servers which categorizes sites to allow for filtering. Categories of web site that you deem to be unsuitable for your children can be blocked, and this means that they can only be accessed by entering the administrative password.

Performance is surprisingly fast, and although every time a new web site is visited the browser must check with AVG to see which category it falls into, there is no noticeably delay in page loading. To maximise the amount of screen space that is available for viewing web pages, the address bar will automatically hide.

It does not matter whether your iPhone or iPad is connecting to the internet via wifi, 3G or an EDGE connection, AVG Family Safety will work in exactly the same way. The free version of the browser is an effective parental control tool, but by purchasing the full AVG Family Safety product, additional options are unlocked such as the ability to block more categories and the option of receiving email alerts to monitor activity.

Note that If you have the full AVG Family Safety product (through subscription, which is $19.99/year), you can access more advanced features such as customer block/allow lists, access times, reporting, additional category blocking, email/SMS notifications, password override, etc.

AVG Family Safety is now compatible with Windows Mobile phones.

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This is an interesting product that will offer some peace of mind, but it is no replacement for supervised web browsing with children.