There are a number of security and privacy concerns associated with surfing the internet and these do not disappear just because you are accessing the internet from your mobile phone. Aquari is an alternative iPhone web browser that offers extra security when compared to Safari.

The browser is protected with a passcode so no one else who has access to your phone will be able to access your bookmarked sites or browsing history. As you surf the internet, web sites store cookies that can reveal a great deal about you and your browsing habits, but Aquari can automatically wipe out cookies when closed.

When you quit the browser, you will automatically be signed out of any web sites you have logged into. If you want to allow someone else to use Aquari on your phone, a guest mode is available that will keep all of your private data private.

With support for multiple browser windows, and a search toolbar, Aquari also includes everything you would expect to find in a browser. It also offers a full screen mode to help maximize the use of your screen by displaying only the iPhone status bar, leaving the remainder of the screen to display web pages.

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Aquari is unlikely to become a complete replacement for Safari, but it is handy for those occasions when added security is needed.