One of the main uses for browser extensions is to put useful information at your fingertips without the bother of having to visit a website for the information you require. The best extensions are able to pull data from reputable websites and present them in an easy-to-access pop-up window that can be reviewed quickly without disrupting the rest of your browsing, and Aniweather falls into this category.

It takes its data from the websites, which enables it to provide four-day forecasts for multiple locations worldwide, which are delivered in an attractive – and animated – pop-up menu. After installing the add-in, you’ll be whisked away to a web page to select your locations and choose basic settings such as whether to view temperatures in Centigrade or Fahrenheit, plus add which locations to include in your forecasts. This is a little disengenious as only your default location is displayed in the pop-up window – if you want to view the other locations you’ll need to click the “More locations” link, which whisks you off to a separate web page from which you can view the cities you require, plus access the settings page to make more changes.

The other links – such as hourly or 10-day extended forecast – simply point to the relevant page on too, but as a basic at-a-glance guide to your location’s short-range weather, Aniweather does a good job.

Aniweather is also available for iPad, iPhone and as a Chrome extension – visit the main website for details.

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Competent, attractive-looking weather extension – the only downside is that so many of the links lead elsewhere rather than work inside the extension itself.