You can understand the argument for ad-free web browsing. At the very least, browsing any website without adverts will be speedy. Head to any local news site and you often have to wait for the site to render correctly due to all the surrounding (and popup) ads.

The other claim behind removing ads is that it should save battery life as there's less processing power required to render a web page and the entire pr

However, the argument against advert blocking is a very important argument. Why? As end users simply forget that the cost of producing, hosting and maintaining a website isn't a free process and website owners aren't paid by your broadband provider. And there are few other ways for a website to make money as people don't want to pay for a subscription. Dilemma.

Resting that argument for a moment, the guys at Adblock have developed an entire smartphone web browser which is designed to eradicate ads and offer a "ghost mode" which will enable you to browse the internet without leaving any trace whatsoever.

Adblock Browser goes further by putting your browsing history at the forefront, so you can quickly remove and hide the sites you've visited.

But, will anyone use this? We're not sure. Do you really need yet another separate browser for your iOS device? Do people need to avoid ads so badly they need to ditch Safari or Chrome to use a separate browser? Perhaps if you really have something to hide, perhaps. But for the average user, probably not.

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Goes further than your average browser to remove ads and protect your online identity, but the average user won't choose this browser over Safari or Chrome.