Yum for Mac provides you with access to an exciting world of recipes from around the world, helping you to gain inspiration for your meals and learn new ideas. Yum for iPhone and iPad is a free companion app that can be used to copy recipes to your idevice.

At its most basic, this option is useful as it means you can read recipes on your iPhone or iPad - devices that can be more easily carried into the kitchen as you prepare and cook food. All you need to do is ensure that your Mac and idevice are connected to the same wifi network and you're ready to copy.

As you are likely to carry your iPhone or iPad with you wherever you go, you will always have access to your favourite recipes - great for when your go on holiday or visit friends.

In addition to copying recipes, Yum can also be used to manage ingredients and shopping lists so you can ensure that you buy everything you need to create the perfect meal.

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A great companion tool to Yum for Mac, furnishing you with a portable recipe book.