If you like hiking or running off trail, how do you find the best routes and how do you get good guidance doing this? Yonder is an app that is hoping to bring interactive to adventure outdoors versus having to use a guidebook or old school maps to navigate off the beaten path.

Yonder is essential an outdoors-focused social network which allows you to share your memories with others. It features a profile where you can add experiences by taking photos, geo-tagging it and then add comments to explain where you are and what you have done in the area. You can then add more categories about the experience such as hiking, backpacking, climbing or even tags to help others find your experience if it is something they like.

Yonder also enables you to view what other people have done and to find exactly where they have done it by using your GPS to be able to experience it for yourself. You can look at images, add experiences to your list that you want to do, navigate there using the GPS, comment on it as well, and you can also follow other Yonder users if you like what they are doing!

The app is fairly easy to use and the interface is beautiful, the main issue is trying to find enough people to use it so you have more experiences to find online. Yonder is still fairly new and is growing pretty quickly. There are still some experiences to find in most areas, including some areas we’ve been in before such as Bath and Texas, which aren’t the most popular destinations for outdoors.

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The app is great and if they can continue their growth it will be a great resource for finding cool outdoor stuff to do.