There are a plethora of World Cup-themed apps, all competing for attention (and your money) as the countdown to South Africa draws ever nearer. They all promise basic details like fixtures, results and tables, but what if you want to go one step further and try and predict what’s going to happen?

WC Planner 2010 stands out from the crowd in enabling you to predict the scores of every game before they happen – as you fill in your suggested results, the tables are updated to reflect your guesses, enabling you to set in motion all kinds of complicated scenarios (what if England draw their two opening games, can they still qualify?). You can even share your predictions on Facebook and Twitter.

Once the results filter in, click Get Results to overwrite your predictions with the actual scores, and the tables will update accordingly, enabling you to stay on top of what’s actually going on. And like all good World Cup apps, WC Planner 2010 is packed with useful information, such as kick-off time and venue for individual fixtures (UK users also get to see which TV channel is showing the match), plus breakdowns of each squad. It’s simple to navigate, pleasantly laid out and will be a useful companion throughout the tournament. Not bad for 59p...

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 A well presented and useful app, with the ability to predict scores the icing on the cake.