The World Cup is nearly upon us, and keeping track of all the fixtures, results, tables and permutations for the knock-out phases can be pretty tricky, particularly if you’re nicely inebriated in front of the telly at home or down the pub. And what happens if you’re out and about with no easy access to radio or TV, desperate to find out the latest score?

What you need is an app that gives you all the info you need without having to navigate Safari or fiddle with a general purpose sports news app. South Africa 2010 Tracker is one such app – its main advantage is that it’s free (unless you want live updates, in which case an in-app upgrade for 59p will be available), legible and has everything you need to get the World Cup-related information you need.

By default, all games are listed in order of their groups (as the tournament progresses, use the tabs at the bottom to navigate to the knock-out stages), but you can easily view games by date instead. Select a game to get more information about it, including some handy snaps of the venue, or click the spanner icon to view the current group tables and stadia.

If you’re only interested in one team’s results, click the cog icon to filter out everyone else – you can also set a countdown from here until when the tournament begins. Surprisingly, even though all the fixture times are correctly adjusted for your current time zone, this countdown is set to a US time zone, so don’t set your watch by it.


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Well presented app containing all the key stuff you need to keep up with this year’s football World Cup