When travelling around the country or around the world, many travellers and tourists rely on guide books for information about the places they visit. While these are useful to a certain extent, books are expensive and heavy to carry around, and it is likely that they do not contain the very latest information.

Wikihood is a great iPhone app for travellers as it makes it easy to find out about your current locations and nearby places of interest in an instant. Using the iPhone GPS capabilities, the app can determine your location and display Wikipedia articles relating to the local area. This may include articles about the town or city itself, or key landmarks that you may wish to visit.

The app can help you to decide what to do next by keeping your informed about what attractions are nearby and letting you know which are the most popular places to visit. If you looking for ideas about what to do on holiday, use the app's virtual tour option to view all nearby place of interest as pushpins on a map which you can then browse through at your leisure.

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Wikihood is an essential travel companion, which can not only help you to learn more about the places you visit, but also track down interesting attractions to see.