Sleep is hard enough at the best of times, but with all the technology surrounding us, and the blue light emitted from the screen, it's hard to drift off quickly. This coupled with increased stress and external noise can cause us to struggle to enter a deep sleep.There are some apps which aim to improve your sleeping through science.

White Noise is an app supposed to help us by cancelling out potential other noise and serves as an anti-noise mechanism. This means you can focus on purely the one (white) noise and thus ending up closer towards sleep in a shorter time. Additionally, random noises will also cause you to struggle to fall asleep, or wake up randomly, so by using White Noise this will be cancelled out and again help you stay asleep.

The White Noise app is available in three versions: free, full and pro. the free version comes with advertising and has 40 sound loops and alarms to help you fall asleep and wake up. The full version has more alarm sounds and the professional verison has even more alarm sounds and an extra 50 high qulaity sound looks and allows you to adjust volume and pitch when you're creating your own sleep sounds.

Additionally, using the professioanl version you'll be able to save your own mixes, set timers for your sound and be able to dowload even more loops for free from an online app market. Furthermore, the free version will not play the sound while oyu are using other apps while the full and professional version will. The full version is available for $0.99 while the pro version costs $2.99. 

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A good app, it won't be for everyone but it'll certainly help some.