If you've ever used Uber, you'll know it's a service which has somewhat revolutionised travel.  

There have been situations where we've stepped out of a meeting in London and realised it's a good 15 minutes walk to the nearest tube station and there's no clear and obvious way of flagging down a taxi. With the Uber app, you simply use the GPS function to pinpoint your location, your intended destination and a car will pick you up without having to go looking for your ride. Superb.

With this service in mind, Uber is attempting to take on the likes of Deliveroo by using their existing network to deliver food to your door. If you get in from work and find there's no food in the cupboard or you've had a long day and don't fancy cooking or it's simply too wet to step out, then UberEats might be your solution.

UberEats has partnered with numerous local restaurants to pickup your order and deliver it to your door. The system includes iOS and Android app options, but you can also order via the UberEats website, as long as you have a valid account. Once you select the restaurant and food you want to be delivered, you can see, Uber-style, the location of your driver, his route and how quickly they are taking to get to you. You can pay via your regular Uber account and you can choose to tip or not (as per Uber's regulations).

That's the good news. The less good news is that the reviews have been mixed, at best. There's a delivery service charge to take in to account (as you'd expect), but people are reporting that some Uber drivers will wait for a number of orders to be ready before they set off to deliver. Understandable, but if you ordered fast food and it was the first to be prepped, by the time it reaches you, it will be far from fresh, a little dry and often cold.

As it stands, UberEATS is currently available in Auckland, Bangkok, Bogota, Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Taipei, Tokyo, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Vienna, Warsaw, and multiple cities in the US, Australia, Canada, England, France, Mexico, the Netherlands and South Africa.

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Decent concept, but reports are that people are receiving a very mixed service at the moment.