There's so much choice for domestic travel. Planes have partly become buses in the sky. But, budget airlines can be frustrating to fly, you have to pay for every single extra, checked bags, early boarding and so on. It is rare to have an excellent flight experience when flying budget. Unless, like us, you’re flying Southwest, which has resulted in Southwest employees taking themselves rather lightly and has a great corporate culture and, as a result, stress-free, enjoyable flights.

Using Southwest’s app you can really enjoy everything the airline has to offer. You can book flights very simply by clicking through, selecting your origin and destination, dates of your flights and number of passengers. You can also book using dollars or points if you’re a frequent flier and you have amassed points to pay for your flights. Senior’s can also find a cheaper rate using Southwest.

Other options available through the app are abilities to check flight status, change your current reservations, check-in and get boarding passes and when doing so make sure you check in as early as possible as this will determine your boarding position, as Southwest is one of the few airlines where you board by numbers without set seat numbers, this is probably one of the glaring negatives of the airline as a whole. Board as part of the last "C group" and you might find you can't stow your bag and/or are sitting in the middle seat.

You can also book car hire and hotels at your destinations using the app, and if you’re signed up for their rapid rewards (you should be) you will also earn points on these bookings. Making it easier for you to redeem flights or get a status increase. The app allows you to monitor your status easily, so you can see how many more flights you have until rewards.

The app will also give you travel advisories if there are any reasons such as storms which may cause delays, although we've found Southwest to be rather exceptional on making sure their flights take off on time.

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All-in-all the app provides a great way to book all your travel and manage everything via Southwest.