Skyscanner has migrated into one of the most popular travel websites due to its ease of use, ability to find great prices and the ability to cater for your every travel need. 

Need to book a hotel? What about a rental car? Or fights? All of the above? Don’t worry – Skyscanner has you covered. And with the app, they have made it easy for you to find great deals on travel.

Booking a flight through the app is extremely simple. Simply select your departure airport or area e.g. London, you can also do the entire United Kingdom if you’re willing to travel to your departure to save some money. After that you should select your destination, this is where it gets interesting as well. Not sure where to go?

You can simply select everywhere and the app will give you a range of travel options at a great price. Then, select if you’re making a round-trip, one-way or multi-stop. Finally, select a date range, or again, if you’re flexible you can select ranges of dates or entire months in order to get the best possible price.

Once you’ve selected your parameters, simply hit search and Skyscanner will trawl through its many many partners and produces either options of dates with the cheapest flights if you’ve been flexible on dates. Or it will produce all flight options ranging from cheapest upwards. If you can save money by going to a nearby airport or taking a stop the app will then suggest this for you – handy.

The app works very similarly when it comes to searching for hotels or car hire and we've used it numerous times to find some great deals.

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Overall, Skyscanner is a handy app and you will easily find some of the best deals on your travel by using it. Sometimes using the everywhere function can be frustrating but this is a very small issue.