Exercising is all the rage now. People are keen to keep their engines (aka bodies) in good shape and looking good, with people looking like they should be on a magazine cover. So how do you get in shape yourself? What if you don’t have the time or the inclination for a gym membership? Well, there are some apps here to help you and all you need to do is make the time.

Results Workout is developed by Runtastic, better known for their running app. The Runtastic Results tracks your fitness and has a library of workouts and challenges to help you reach your fitness goals. The Runtastic app offers a  12-week, customized training plan and health & nutrition guide to help you feel and look better than ever.

Runtastic will start you off with a test workout to place your current fitness level and the app will then tailor your workouts towards your goals and you can also decide the level of workouts you want and the amount of frequency you want your workouts to appear during the week. The workouts can range in time up to over an hour if you have the time. For every workout, there is video’s explaining how to do the exercises. You can also select which body parts you want to work on and you can add to your 12-week plan if you’re feeling like you want to do extra workouts.

You can also access meal plans via the app which will guide you through the nutrition part, which is more important than the workouts themselves! They give you tips during the week to make sure you stay on track and maximize your results. Additionally, as with the original app, Runtastic provides a great community for you to get help to achieve your results as well. Share your progress and see others do it too!

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It’s a great app overall, providing you with a great way to get fit and ready. But not free. But starting at less than $5 a week, you can’t go wrong really.