Looking for somewhere to live can be an incredibly stressful experience and it is possible to spend a huge amount of time trawling property web sites and visiting estate agents looking for the perfect home. But new properties are coming onto the market all the time, and if you were to wait for estate agents to get in touch with you, or rely on popping into the estate agent at the right time, you could easily miss out on your dream home.

The Rightmove app for iPhone makes it possible to search for sale rental properties wherever you may be. Using the iPhone GPS functionality, the app can determine your location and present you with a list of nearby properties. As well as a description and photos of the properties, the pp also includes links to the associated estate agent so you can get in touch straight away.

The app can also be used to search for properties in other locations, using nearby towns or postcodes as search terms. Once a basic search has been performed, the results can be filtered by defining your search radius, the number of bedrooms needed and a maximum and minimum price. Searches can also be saved so you can refer back to them at a later date.

Just because you are away from you computer, it need not mean that you cannot continue your search for somewhere to live. The Rightmove app is like having your own personal estate agent in your pocket.

What's New in Version 4.23?

- The email agent form will now remember your previous ‘Rightmove can contact me’ selection
- Property details map type button no longer hides the compass
- Typing a location will no longer include spaces in the character limit
- Can no longer save a search that hasn’t loaded in yet, which could break synching.
- Overlapping text on registration page fixed
- Improvements to iPad search result performance

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House hunting on the move is made simple with this nifty iPhone app.