Advocating a healthy body and mind is becoming more mainstream by encouraging people to eat well and keep active. With technology continuing to improv, as well as our awareness of health, there are a number of new apps aimed at helping us to feel better. We recently covered a couple of sleep apps which include providing white noise to help you fall asleep and a sleep tracker.

Although it might seem a strange concept, another great way to relax is to spend some time painting or even coloring. Scientifically, this has been proven to have a meditative effect and using Recolor offers a range of themes with new pictures appearing daily for you to be able to fill in with a huge range of colors. This has been proven to reduce anxiety and relieve stress which will help you to zone out before you head to sleep.

Recolor features over 1000 pictures which are proven to help rest your mind, you can use unique styles and colours to create unique designs and express your creativity. The app is free but as most offers in app purchases to unlock many other features. Recolor unlimited offers daily new pictures and an unlimited access to the full picture catalogue.

The unlimited version runs for $3.99 a week, $9.99 a month or discounted at $59.99 a year.

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We like the idea of coloring before bed, but doing it on your phone may not be the best due to the light emitted from your phone. It is also rather expensive.