Sometimes it can be hard to get motivated for a project - good intentions are all well and good, but when writer's block strikes, it can be impossible to get started. This is precisely when inspiration quotes can prove useful, helping to trigger off a train of thought you may not otherwise have reached.

There are a number of web sites that can be used as sources of quotes but Power Sayings 2010 is a dedicated program that provides you with access to a large database of quotes to browse at your leisure. Text is large and clear and unlike many web sites, benefits from being free of advertisements.

A search facility is available making it possible to track down quotes by a particular person or that related to a specific subject. Upon launching the app, you will be welcomed by a daily quote that you can assign a star rating.

You can then either work through the quote database in order, or use the shuffle option to view one random quote after another. Power Sayings can be configured to launch automatically with Windows so you can start every day with an inspiring quote.

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