How do you like to travel? Are you someone who likes to plan your trips many months or years in advance or do you prefer to just see what is out there and be a bit more spontaneous? Well, there is an app designed for people who are feeling spontaneous - One:Night.

One:Night will display hotel rooms available after 3pm on the same day, which makes it ideal if you value adventure and would like to save money at the same time. Whether you’re travelling somewhere and want to book a hotel last minute, or more reasonable if you get stuck somewhere unexpected and want a high-end hotel at a great price last minute.

The app is ridiculously simple, just open it up and you’ll see the list of cities where you can currently book a hotel. At present, mostly US-focussed, it is currently available in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York, Palm Springs, San Francisco, The Hamptons, Upstate New York and Washington DC, in the US and it also features London in the United Kingdom.

Once you select the city, you’ll get a simple list of the hotels available in that city, you can also choose to view the hotels on a map in the city of your choice. It’s also extremely simple to book the hotel once you find one which you like, simply swipe left on the hotel and you’ll be presented more information and photos on the hotel and then you can simply enter your card information you wish to book with or if you have apple pay activated, you can just pay that way

There you have it, it really is that easy if you want to have an adventure and you’re in the right city. Just book away.

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Great prices on high end hotels. If you are happy to book last minute this app is fantastic.