Nespresso's app enables you to order coffee and in some instances monitor supply levels and brew remotely.

Capsule coffee has taken the world by storm. You will find it in most homes in one form or another and in many hotels. There are even dedicated cafés to them as well. The dedicated cafes in question are by arguably the most popular capsule company – Nespresso, by Nestle.

Now Nespresso has brought out an app, which allows you to find out where the nearest café is so you can enjoy a Nespresso in-store experience or even alert you when your capsules are running low.

With a Bluetooth synced machine, you’ll be informed when you need to descale your machine and it helps you to locate where your nearest drop of point is so you can responsibly recycle your capsules, as this has been the greatest criticism of capsule coffee, this should go a long way to alleviating the environmental fears.

Regardless of your type of machine, you’ll be able to troubleshoot your machine via the app. Additionally, depending on what machine you have, you have you’ll be able to set the machine to brew remotely if that is something which suits you.

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We’re not entirely sure if you really need an app to remotely brew your coffee, but the ability to order and pay via an app to easily restock what many of us count as essential is great.