Uber has taken so many cities by storm and is facing a huge fight in every city it enters as it grows markedly. However, this is not without a fight and cab drivers are unhappy, as are regulators. So, do you have any other options when using your phone to call a car to pick you up with the press of a button?

One such alternative is Lyft, which is the biggest competitor to Uber right now and offers a very similar service, enabling you to hire a private taxi for your journey from an app. Lyft first introduced tipping and has long been known to pay drivers more and also enables you to round up your ride cost and donate to charity.

You can sign up for Lyft using your Facebook account and you can easily set up payments from PayPal. Additionally, on sign up, you will receive credit towards your first 10 rides. When you open up the app you’re instantly placed at your location where Lyft shows you where the nearest cars are situated.

You can instantly set your pickup location and pick what kind of ride you want. Standard Lyft, Plus for larger vehicles, Premier for high-end vehicles, Lux for a black car experience of Lux SUV for a large luxury car experience.

Once you’ve set your pick up you add your destination and Lyft will instantly put what the best price ride for you is (usually Standard Lyft), you can then use the drop-down menu to see what the prices are for the other selections mentioned above. Lyft claims that the drivers on their system are thoroughly background checked and only the highest rated drivers are allowed on the road.

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Lyft is a great app and good alternative to Uber, especially if you rate how they treat their drivers. It also provides competition for Uber which means better service from both.