It's really easy to pick up a hire bike from the side of the road using your smartphone. However, how do you know where to ride or the best route to your intended destination? Is the route you normally use the most convenient way of reaching your goal. Perhaps there's more of a scenic or appropriate route.

You’d want to cycle on paths which are safer for cyclists and also where you can take in a bit of scenery without. An option for riding around the city, whether it be on your road bike, on a path with your mountain bike or even if you’re heading out of the city to hit the mountains, Komoot will help.

Komoot enables yote which u to plan your perfect road biking trip, mountain biking trip or even hiking trip down to great detail. You can easily select the route you want to go, and you can also select details to help get the route you want such as the surface, difficulty, distance and the elevation profile you’d like on your ride. So if you want a quiet path to take you through the city or a nature trail for a hike, Komoot has you covered.

Komoot also comes with offline capabilities, although in the free version you only get your first region with offline maps, and then you’ll have to upgrade to one of the many packages they offer. Komoot also comes with turn-by-turn voice navigation, which gives you precise details of when to turn and where to go. This even works if you’re cycling in the woods or on a trail.

Finally, Komoot also enables users to track their rides and hikes using the phones GPS. You can easily add photos, highlights and build your own log that stores your favourites rides and experiences. You can then save them to either keep for yourself, share with the rest of the Komoot community or share with friends and colleagues so you can check in on each other to see how you’re doing.

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Komoot is a great option for getting around, it works easily, you have many customisable options, but it’s probably best for hiking and mountain biking.