Trailing around any IKEA store is never a pleasant experience, especially on a weekend. And that's if can even get into the car park.

With this in mind, IKEA has taken advantage of the new iOS 11 augmented reality functionality to create an app which will enable you to scan your room and place virtual IKEA furniture. You can then either choose to order the products online (and not enter the store at all) or, at the very least, you can quickly pinpoint the products you need if you pay your local store a visit. By printing a shopping list, you'll be able to pick up the goods from the right location without having to guess their location.

So how does the app work? You need iOS 11, obviously. We also suggest using an iPad. The first thing you'll need to do is scan the room which you want to furnish. Once you have scanned your room, you can then start choosing the items you want, position as required and make a decision over the colour of fabric and other complexities.

One huge bonus is that you can place furniture and judge how they fit in your location. How many times have you bought a chair, got it home and realised it looked much smaller in the store?

There are some downsides. The key limitation is the number of products available. From the launch of the app, you're limited to 2000 items and mostly larger items such as sofas, chairs, wardrobes. 

Once you are finished your room, you can export the image as a photo, share with other users or your other half, before concluding whether it's the scheme you want for your home.

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Great tool for (re)designing a room, but could be a little limited by the number of products available at launch.