They say that catch-up TV is the new way watching your favourite show. People aren't watching live, they wait until it's available as a stream and watch a series as a box set. Whilst Netflix is one of the most popular apps for streaming content, there are many others coming up and one of the apps to watch TV through is Hulu.

Hulu has the best TV service in regard to watch seasons which are currently on TV. One day after your favourite show has aired, and it will be available on the Hulu app. Hulu also has a few original series of its own. However, not as many as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.  You also get access to movies and they have recently started a live TV service as well, although it is limited for now.

Once you’ve set up your account, the service is very simple to use you can personalise it and create a personal queue and it also keeps a history of shows you’ve watched. It is also easy to access Hulu on many different devices, internet enabled TV’s, gaming consoles, tablets and of course, your smartphone.

But, herein lies a big issue with this app. Hulu has not yet added offline viewing or the ability to download shows which is a definite disadvantage versus the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, even the commercial free option is not completely ad-free, and on the other options, you will see a fair number of commercials while watching the TV shows.

Hulu is $7.99 per month and the ad-free option is a few bucks more.

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Hulu offers the best way to view current live TV shows, however, the lack of ability to download, view TV shows and the lack of original content versus competitors.