As with many everyday tasks, with the way the technology and the internet keep changing our lives, so has the way we watch TV.  You no longer have to subscribe to TV channels for your TV set nor do you have to get a huge bundle to be able to see just a few tv shows. You can also watch TV shows on your smartphone. One of these apps is HBO Now.

Home Box Office (HBO) is an American premium cable and satellite television network which is responsible for some great original shows, and also has several movies from Time Warner on tap as well. With HBO now, you do not need to have an HBO subscription to be able to access every episode of your favourite HBO Series, movies and other content.

Unlike sites from other streaming internet TV services, you only get HBO specific content, and thus will likely miss out on several other shows you may like. However, HBO is a great entertainment provider with some awesome original TV Shows, movies, sports, documentaries, and so on.

It’s incredibly simple to start watching, you can tap the screen and just select which show you want to watch after you’ve set up an account. You can easily personalise your account after its set up to watch your favourite TV shows. One slight negative though is that you're not able to view any shows offline like other streaming services.

If you enjoy what you’re watching you can also share this with others through Facebook or Twitter, via the app.

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HBO provides great content and this app is a great way to take it without a TV subscription. $14.99 isn't cheap though and it would be great to be able to watch content offline as well.