Many people who have to commute to work like to use this time to catch up on the news. But if your journey to work involves travelling on the underground, you may well find that you don’t have a reliable, or indeed existent, network connection that could be used to download the latest headlines. If you are a fan of the Guardian newspaper, a solution now exists in the form of the free app The Guardian Anywhere.

This tool has been designed specifically to overcome the problem of a lack of network coverage. While the app may not be officially endorsed by the Guardian, it is a perfect way to ensure that you have access to the news you are interested in. The app works by downloading stories overnight at a specified time when you know you will have an internet connection.

This means that you can go o bed at night and pick your phone up at the last minute safe in the knowledge that the latest headlines will have been downloaded ready for offline reading – there’s nothing that has to be done manually. Other apps may provide offline reading of articles, but you have to manually instigate the downloads. Here, everything is taken care of for you.

The app offers far more in the way of customization that the official Guardian app such as the ability to filter storied by tags, make use of a home screen widget and make use of love blogs. Even ignoring the automatic download of content, there is a lot here that is simply better than the official app, and it’s worth taking a look at whether you are an existing user or not.

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In many regards superior to the official Guardian app, this is a must have for travellers.