For anyone who tries to keep up to date with the output of several web sites, it can be an ongoing battle to find the best way of getting notified of the latest posts and reading the stories you’re interested in. App along the lines of Flipboard have demonstrated that news aggregation services do not need to be dull, unattractive tools, and this is a trend that Google Currents looks set to continue.

You can use the app to maintain a list of web sites, newspapers and magazines that you are interested in so you can read the latest content whenever you want, but you can also discover new things by browsing through the trending topics. This works in a similar way to Twitter and there is a the added bonus that offline syncing means that you are able to use the app to pass the commute to work even if you do not have a network signal.

If you already make use of Google Reader to manager a selection of RSS feeds, these can be imported into Google Currents. While the Android version of Google Reader is an undeniably great app, Google Current makes things look so much better – it breathes new life into the sites you visit, and provides you with a great way of discovering new sources of interesting stories.

This is the sort of app that, while it works well on both phones and tablets, is really best suited to a larger screened tablet device. You can tap and swipe your way between web sites and publications, click through to read individual articles and navigate between pages with simple gestures. You would be forgiven for thinking that Google Currents is a case of style over substance, but you’d be mistaken. You are essential left with the responsibility of providing the content, but the crowdsourcing options mean that much of this pressure can be relieved.

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An impressive range of support sites, along with importing of existing Reader feeds, means that this could turn into your only news source - great stuff.