With Uber fighting local authorities, people are losing confidence in the service. Bad press has compounded the matter. With this in mind, people are looking for alternatives.

One such app is Gett, which offers a similar service to Uber, but enables you to target official black (or yellow in New York) cabs, which are fully authorised and regulated in each city. This means you obtain a service which has a certain guarantee and you can fully trust the driver has been fully vetted by the authorities.

Originating from Israel, Gett’s biggest draw is that they treat drivers better. The app is based on the belief that if this is done then drivers will treat riders better and everyone will get a better experience.

Similarly, to other ride-hailing apps, open up the app and you’re faced with a map and drivers which are close by and ready to pick you up. You can either set your destination or tell the driver when you’re in the car. Similarly to Lyft, Gett allows only the best drivers on the rod and also uses a lot of black cabs, in London for instance, to bring them to your phone.

Gett also enables you to set your pickup time for the future, so if you have to be somewhere at a specific time you can pre-order the ride before. The app also has fixed travel rates for rides to and from the airport.

The app has a loyalty program which means you gain status points and the more status points you get, you get higher rated and more likely to get paired with a better driver. The fact you can also get black cab drivers or local cab driver in cities is a great option for people who have fears about licensing and background checks for other ride hailing apps.

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Gett is great and the interface is easy to use. The main issues are price (which mean the driver gets treated better and earns more) and also the app is not as frequently available so you may not get access in some cities and in other places you may have to wait a while.