Smartphone users are split into two camps: either a Google or Apple user, and that’s it. Both camps are staunchly divided, with avid Android users claiming that the performance for the price of the Apple phone is terrible and if you’re a serious Apple user you will claim that the user interface of the Android is unusable and most are reluctant to leave the iCloud framework.

There are certain aspects you may want to take from Android across to your iPhone, such as Google Maps, which is vastly superior to Apple Maps. Another facet of the Android or Google user interface which is highly useful is the keyboard, and now you can use it on iOS, through the Gboard – the Google Keyboard app.

Gboard uses swiping motions in order to type. That’s right, simply swipe over the letters and Gboard will figure out what you were trying to say, most of the time. Either way, once you get Gboard your days of tapping incessantly on your phone are gone. You’ll swipe, quick and breezy and you’ll have your messages, emails or notes typed up. You can also draw letters and Gboard will guess what you’re after, for instance, swipe ok and Gboard will suggest some OK emoji’s you can use.

Through Gboard, you can search the entirety of Google/the internet from the keyboard, you can translate words and phrases in real time, voice-to-text also in several languages. You can also add one-handed mode and the keyboard will shrink so you can text one-handed more easily, additionally you can easily delete, letters, words or the entire sentence by the way you swipe the delete key. So, just like that, you can continue to multitask through your life and swipe through your phone to type.

Gboard will upgrade your keyboard if you do not already have it on your Android or iOS device, although a lot of Android devices will ship with it as standard. Your Samsung device won’t include it as standard.

If you’re concerned with your privacy or how much (more) Google will find out about you from your keyboard you can adjust the settings, and Google has promised they do not record keystrokes unless you use the Gboard to search online, which means you’re fair game to Google.

What's new in 2.3.2?

- Revamped themes: Gboard custom themes are better than ever with many new customization options! Change everything from background color to glide trail thickness. Plus, new beautiful gradient themes for you to pick from!
- Your minis: Stickers based on you. Create and customize minis inspired by your photos, and share them in any app.
- You can now type in multiple languages without having to change the language! Just add the languages you want via the Gboard app then start typing or swiping!
- Improved voice typing experience.
- Language support for Thai, Khmer, Lao and Mongolian.

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Gboard – the Google Keyboard really makes typing a lot quicker and easier, throw in the extra Google features and you're sailing.