Flying was once a luxury for the few and now it is a commodity for the many. This means that there is a tonne of hassle associated with flight travel, boarding passes, security, check-in, alongside cramming in with a number of other passengers.

If you fly Delta Airlines, a lot of this hassle is made easier if you use their app. The Fly Delta app provides you all the basic information that you need during your flight.  This is a great app that has come in handy every time that I fly on Delta.

One useful piece of information that the app provides is that if you have a connection between two Delta flights it will show you your arrival gate, and the gate for your next departing flight and in all Delta hubs it will also show you how to get between gates as well. You can also use the app, to be able to track your bags as they travel with you to meet you at the baggage carousel at your destination. Alternatively, if you need to switch Delta flights, the app will make you aware your bag(s) have been taken off one flight and successfully packed on to your new flight. With other airlines, you have to hope this has happened, land and expect your bags to be on the carousel.

Other great features include the ability to book tickets and change your travel on the go easily. What the app also enables you to do which is different to many other apps is the ability to automatically be checked in to your flight 24 hours prior to a flight. If you use the Delta mobile app this will be sent automatically to you prior to your flight.

The app also enables you to find out where the nearest Delta Sky club is for your lounging needs and also has a ‘today’ option to keep up with your calendar so you know where you need to be for your flight. Particularly handy for a regular flier.

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The app is great if you fly delta and enables you to take a lot of the hassle out of your travel.