The world is turning in to one large convenience store. Everything we want is at our fingertips, we can now book our stay with another person on our phones, click on your phone and there can be a car to pick you up even before you’ve made it out of the house. Deliveroo then launched their app, which enabled people to order from just about any restaurant, with food to be delivered to your door and it was a game-changer.

The app enables you to find restaurants in your area which deliver to you and you can then sort the restaurants by the type of food you feel like eating. So if you feel like eating Italian, Chinese or a simple burger you can easily choose what you want.  You can also sort by price in case you do not want to spend too much money, you can then also filter your list of available restaurants by delivery time as some restaurants take longer to get your food prepared.

Once you’ve placed your order you can easily track it on the app. You can see exactly where the delivery person is at any given time and an approximate time of how long they will be until they arrive at your door with food. You can also setup notifications for when they are near or have arrived at your door. If you are so inclined you can also order in advance in case you want to plan ahead.

The app works by charging you a small delivery fee on top of the restaurant food price. You also have the option to tip the delivery person should you want to. This may be worth it so they take extra care with your food and a lot of the orders on Deliveroo is delivered by bicycle, meaning your delivery person has cycled in the cold, dark and usually wet to deliver your food.

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The app is super straight forward and if you’re after convenience we highly recommend it. You don’t have to cook again!