COUP is an eScooter sharing app. For those familiar with city bike sharing schemes such as Citi Bike in New York or Santander Bikes in London will understand how easy it is to use. COUP’s main difference, of course, is the electric motor, so you’ll be able to get around much quicker than on a bicycle.

Currently it is only avaiable in Paris and Berlin, but that does not mean you have to be a resident to use it. In fact you can get your account set up before you arrive. All you have to do is download the app, verify your age and supply credit card details. After this, you upload your drivers license, passport on the app using its easy scanning feature. Then, you take a selfie (for verification purposes), then just wait 5 minutes for COUP to verify all your details, and you're good to go! 

COUP's interface is super simple to use, it shows a map of where you are an the nearest renting/charing stations, it also shows the current weather and gives you tips on how to drive under certain conditions, for example, there is a warning to be careful when it is wet and to be extra vigilant of slick train tracks. 

When you see a charging station on the app that you want to rent from you can either go down there and just pick up a eScooter or if you want you can also reserve a eScooter ahead of time, which could be very useful for your morning or evening commute, so you can be sure you have a guaranteed ride home. No more waiting for public transport or sitting in traffic jams. 

The rates are very reasonable as well, each ride up to 30 minutes is 3€ and every 10 minutes after that is 1€. There is also an automated tariff system if you use the eScooters a lot, so you pay no more than 20€ during daylight hours (7am-7pm) and 10€ between 7pm and 7 am.

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We really like the app, and unfortunately we have not had a chance to test it yet as it is yet to come to our city. But we've already signed up and will be using it whenever we're in a city which has them!