While there is a lot to be said for organizing your life on your computer or online, there are still plenty of reasons why many people prefer to write down their appointments on paper – ready to stick to the front of the fridge or the noticeboard. The likes of Microsoft Publisher and even Word include templates that can be used to create custom calendars, but these are not particularly inspiring.

Calme is a free tool that has been designed for the sole purpose of creating calendars and planners. These are divided up into two sections that can be accessed from the main screen of the program interface – you can choose to view everything together as a long list or you can view them each separately. There are a number of different templates to choose from with planners being available in yearly, half-yearly and monthly varieties.

There are also a number of picture calendars for you to choose from and these take the form of a large picture with dates for the month. Whichever type of planner you decide to create you can then customize things a little. Starting off with choosing which month or year you would like to create a calendar for, you can also add holidays and specify the paper size you will be printing to.

After setting the margin sizes you can then change the colors and fonts that are used before using the print preview option to check how things are going to look. That’s really all there is to it. The program is very simple to use, and while it may not do very much, what it does do, it does very well. The templates are stylish and you should be able to create something to suit your needs.

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A great single-purpose program that create stylish output very quickly and easily.