With craft coffee now available on almost every corner of the globe and becoming increasingly popular it is difficult to distinguish who is really good at crafting your perfect brew.

Introducing Best Coffee, highly regarded as the current ‘best’ coffee locating app on the market. With the widest range of coffee shops on the app store, you can search and find cafés nearby you and you can also set the app to filter out any results by your personalised preferences – prefer cold brew? Non-dairy? Or outdoor seats? Best Coffee has you covered.

Best Coffee also has professional coffee writer writing reviews for the coffee shops available on the app so you’ll be able to have a professional opinion before you go to your coffee shop.

Upon opening the app after signing up you get a map view of the closest coffee shops available to you and you can then set the filters mentioned above. You can then also browse news and features as written by the coffee experts.

With the premium version, you can explore coffee shops all over the world, not just the coffee shops in your vicinity and you can get auto-updates of new coffee shops and new cities added of where there are now options to get your premium coffee. The app also allows you to save & view your favourite coffee shops in a list and share favourites with friends.

Finally, there are exclusive craft coffee shop promotions available through the premium version of the app, which in our opinion is the best reason to go premium on this app.

What's new in 3.4.1?

- This release allows you to jump straight in to the App and use it without any sign up process.
- Fixed some bugs and made a few tweaks here and there to make it easier + faster to discover better coffee wherever you are.

Verdict ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

In all a great app to find coffee, it scores higher than other apps as it has one of the widest ranges, but there are some areas lacking in detail.