Craft coffee is so big that there are now several apps for you to choose from when you’re after your local brew.  This time around we’re looking at Bean Hunter. Which we came across when trying to locate a local coffee shop in Dallas, on a recent business trip.

Beanhunter is easy to use upon opening like many other apps and as soon as you open it displays your local coffee shops with reviews. Unlike the other apps Beanhunter seems to have less of a filter on craft coffee. For instance, upon opening in Dallas we got recommendations for a crepes café and the Hard Rock international café, certainly not places to get craft coffee.

The app enables you to discover many coffee shops around you and share your experiences of these coffee shops with reviews. Once you’ve found a coffee shop you can then view photos, sure reviews, menus and other coffee shop information you may find useful, such as accessibility, whether they serve food and so on.

If you decide to go you can get directions, opening hours for your coffee shop. Once you’ve attended the coffee shop you can then share photos and your own experience about it by writing a review. Furthermore, you can then share it with family, colleagues and friends if they are also on the app.

The other good thing Beanhunter does is rank the coffee shops based on reviews so if you want to find the ‘best’ one in most people’s opinion that is very easy to do.

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Like the other coffee apps it is good, a plus is that it is available in more places, however, the reviews are sparse in some places and it definitely includes some places which are not craft coffee.