The BBC Sport app was launched around four years ago as a basic standalone app for sports fans who did not want trawl through world, traffic and local news to find their beloved sports updates. It instantly became a favourite and one of the top 5 downloaded sports app, where it remains today.

It still remains a very simple app, but if you want to follow any sport and with the great coverage BBC has, it is absolutely fantastic. You can select from your usual British sports such as Rugby, Football (Soccer), Cricket and so on. But the app also covers sports from the other side of the pond – American Football, Baseball and Basketball.

Additionally, if you’re into sports like Bowls, Boxing, Canoeing, it has you covered as well. The BBC Sport app also covers disability sport, which is great as that does not get too much coverage at the moment.  

Once you’ve selected your favourite sports, they will be easily accessible and displayed on the homepage as you access the page. You can then easily navigate with the right-hand menu to find sports you are interested in or if there is a special event going on such as the Olympics, or a world cup in any sport, you can also view that.

Other great features you can use are set notifications so If you’re out and about you’re able to get any news or score updates pinged through your telephone while on the go. You can also view videos of highlights if BBC are licensed to show them and there is a radio feature too for you to be able to listen to live sport or talk shows on the go!

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A simple app which serves a simple purpose of enabling you to keep updated with the latest sports news and your favourite teams.