Fashion changes fast and the way we consume it has also changed. It was the norm to visit the malls or independent stores to purchase clothes. Then came the web and it became a lot easier to browse from home. Some of the sites which pioneered internet shopping have also created apps to make your shopping experience more convenient.

One of these sites is ASOS (As Seen On Screen) who’ve been operating online since 2000. With their app, ASOS has brought their huge range to your smartphone, which has continued to evolve and is now a great app for shopping from your phone. And they deliver to 242 countries worldwide.

The ASOS app lets you shop over 850 brands and there is also free delivery and returns, which is incredibly easy to achieve. Just a few taps and you’re done. You can easily sync your shopping experience across all your devices, for instance you can do it on the web, your tablet, telephone and even your smart wearable device, so you’re never far from keeping on top of your wardrobe.

The app can also be set up to give you alerts whenever the site has a sale or promotion. Accessing the app is super simple, select whether you’re shopping for men or women. ASOS then breaks down the options by categories such as new trend’s, winter/summer essentials, party wear or also current trends such as flannel/check or whatever may be popular at that time.

You can also easily search through the app for the many styles that ASOS carries. And once you find items you like you can watch them on models walking on the catwalk or see the products in 360-degree views. The other neat feature in the app is you have the ability to search via photo. That is if you see something you like online, on Instagram or you snap a sneaky photo of someone looking stylish out and about you can easily find a similar style on the app through ASOS.

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Overall the app is great, the shipping options to every country is a great deal too.