Apple is perhaps most famous for its app store for both OS X and iOS, but there also numerous retail outlets around the world that are home to the latest Apple products as well as the Genius Bar. The iOS Apple Store app brings the retail experience to your iPhone, iPod or iPad, enabling you to browse through products and make your selection before placing an order or reservation.

Used as an Apple catalogue, the app makes it easy to compare different products - great if you want to see the difference between two different Macs, for example - check prices and even customize computers to your exact requirements. Whether you are looking for a new Mac or just a cover for your iPad, you'll be able to check out exactly what’s available.

New in the latest version of the app are a number of in-store enhancements. If you are interested in attending a workshop, getting help from support staff, or getting assistance at the Genius Bar, the app can keep you informed about how long you will have to wait or sign up in advance for future events.

The app can also be used to check where your nearest Apple store is in case you would like to go and pick up your order in person, or make an appointment at the Genius Bar if you are having problems. It is a shame to see that there is still not a native iPad version of the app, but the information and features it provide still work very well. New features include the ability to reserve items for store pickup from within the app, as well as the option to scan product barcodes yourself and pay for them with youriTunes account.

What's New in Version 4.1

- Apple Store app supports iOS 10 rich notifications for many activities.
- Buy accessories from your favorites with a single tap on your Apple Watch using Apple Pay.
- Various improvements and performance enhancements.

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A helpful supplement to the Apple web site and high street stores. It might not be something you use all that often, but it is very helpful when you need it.