If you live in a particular town or city, or visit one on a regular basis, you get to know where the best places to park are. Everyone knows of some little side street on which it is possible to park all day free of charge. But what happens when you travel to a new city? You are reliant on signposts to tell you where the nearest car park is and you have no way of knowing how much it is going to cost you until you get these. By buying the AA Parking app you can always find a spot to park your car.

The database of parking covers the UK and Ireland, and there are plans to extend the coverage beyond just car parks so street parking is included as well – this is good news for many city visitors where street parking is often the only available option. Where possible, the apps includes information about the opening hours for car parks as well as a list of prices.

In many cases, car parks feature LED signs that indicate how many spaces remain. This information is available in AA Parking, and this is a great way to ensure that you don’t have a fruitless trip – after all, it is all well and good finding out that there is a cheap car park a couple of miles down the road, but if it’s already full you want to know this in advance.

This is the sort of app that many users would like to see being made available free of charge. But even if you find that the app only directs you towards free parking a few times, it will pay for itself in next to no time and you can still benefit from the knowledge that you will always know where the nearest car park is.

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A worthwhile investment and a handy tool to have installed on your mobile.