The fitness world can be hugely overwhelming when it comes to finding the right exercises for you. There’s so much choice that even the most experienced gym-goer can be left dizzy by the options at their disposal. But this is where 10 Daily Exercises comes in.

Complete each set every single day and you’ll be back in shape in no time.
Its no thrills approach to exercising is just the tonic to kick-start your fitness. As the title suggests, 10 Daily Exercises comes with exactly ten of the most common exercises to work through - no more, no less. It doesn’t require any expensive equipment like dumbbells or benches either. Body weight exercises such as press-ups, crunches, lunges and more combine for a bare essentials approach to get you off the sofa and back to your best. Complete each set every single day and you’ll be back in shape in no time.

Although the 10 Daily Exercises may have the visual finesse of a toddler drawing in MS Paint, the pictures are incredible easy to follow. You can log your progress on a built-in calendar, set reminders so you know when to get going again and even tweak the difficulty to up the stakes and push yourself a little harder. For those looking for a way to get back into swing of things with their fitness, 10 Daily Exercises is the no-nonsense app for you.

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It’s not as fancy as its rivals, but it’s a great way to restart a flagging fitness regime and get you back on track.