VDrift is a fun open source race simulator.

The program comes with a range of cars, from regular road models like the Nissan 350Z to Lamborghinis, F1 cars and more.

You get various tracks to choose from - Le Mans, Monaco 88, Paul Ricard 88, Rouen, Ruudskogen - and can run practice laps, or compete against up to 11 computer opponents.

The game can be controlled via a mouse, keyboard, joystick, gamepad or wheel, and everything is very configurable.

By default the computer opponents are set to the highest AI setting, and they'll probably leave you far behind. Fortunately this can be tweaked to give you more of a chance.

If your practice pays off and you start to win regularly, then you can even record your races and share the results with others.

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VDrift's graphics aren't amazing, but they're good enough, and a realistic physics engine makes for a fun and challenging game.