Thinking Blocks looks at first much like any other Tetris clone. There's the usual block types, a preview of what's coming next, several difficulty settings and configurable keyboard controls, so you'll quickly be playing an entertaining game that's customised for you.

This program adds an interesting twist to the usual Tetris gameplay, though, with some fast-paced multiplayer action. In a couple of clicks you can be playing against the computer, or a human opponent (on the same PC). And suddenly you have a whole new pressure, as you have to keep an eye on the score to see who's currently in the lead. It really can revitalise the game.

The ability to play full-screen makes Thinking Blocks an attractive game to look at, too. And the program's Top 10 leaderboard ensures your victories will live on, long after the final block has been erased.

The only real problem we have here is the main background music, a tired version of Procul Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale" that to our ears becomes annoying after around 30 seconds. You can turn it off, though, and with a little work you're even able to replace it with something more appealing (it won't be difficult). Just find a free music file you prefer, MOD format, save it to the Thinking Blocks program folder with the name MUSIC2.MOD, replacing the program's own version and you're ready to go.

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Multiplayer Tetris is great fun, and once you've turned off or replaced the annoying background music then there's hours of entertainment to be had here